Poster Presentation

Event Detials:

Team Size: 5Registration Starts On: 2023-03-12Registration Ends On: 2023-03-24Submission Starts On: 2023-03-12Submission Ends On: 2023-03-24

Event Description

The competition is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to present their research in a visual and interactive format, using posters that outline their research objectives, methodology, results, and conclusions. The posters will be judged by a panel of experts, based on the clarity and effectiveness of the presentation, the scientific quality and originality of the research, and the overall visual impact of the poster.

Event Rules

  • Participants must upload their poster ideas within the time frame given in the rulebook for the event
  • The final round will take place in offline mode
  • A team can have a maximum of 5 participants