Event Detials:

Team Size: 5Registration Starts On: 2023-03-14Registration Ends On: 2023-03-24Submission Starts On: 2023-03-14Submission Ends On: 2023-03-24

Event Description

The participants in this event are tasked with comprehending India's issues with sustainable agriculture and developing workable startup concepts that will guarantee a sustainable future for millions of Indians. You must create a business strategy that aims to increase sustainability and present it to judges.

Event Rules

  • This is a group event.
  • Each group can have a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 2 members.
  • This competition is divided into two stages: Report submission and Final Presentation
  • Groups who are able to present a working startup / pilot program / proof of concept would be given preference.
  • In case two teams have an equal score, the team who submitted their report earlier will be considered on higher priority.